(Feb. 2st, 2015) Day- 90

Every Since, I have been walking with a cane. My feet really hurting and I believe that, I am not ready to walk with a cane yet. I have been doing more walking and I am glad that, I have been. I went to the fitness room today at the apartment office. I rode on the stay still bike for 15 mins and I did 4 Miles. I am glad I will post them on a new page. I need to do something uplifting or I will fall back down in my depression. I hate being like that, I know that, I will go back their in my own darkness cus, My bipolar.

I took a 15 sec. Video and I am glad that, I can ride again cus, I am so sad when I only lay in bed and hardly do anything. I need to do it every day and try to do it more then 15 mins. Its worth it. I hate that i need to walk now cus, it hurt bad to step on my foot like something broken inside my foot that, making me not really able to walk. It swells so bad that, the sock tries to stay on. Ouch. I got some photos that i am going to post next. Thanks for who reading this. Mostly no one reads this blog.


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