(Jan. 24, 2015) Day- 81

Today was nice…

I wish it was better .
Dad and paul came
Butt took them like,  4 hours to show up
Dad had to do things when he was to be here.
He was to be here at 10am but shows up at 2pm.
We went to popeyes.
Had a nice time.
Paul and jasmine played.

I enjoyed few small cups of coke.
I miss coke…
Even after I ate.
I was still hungry.
What the hell.
I was tired.
By me walking with the crutches.
It’s a lot of work.

Then we went to westminster
Walk in for a bit.
Paul got a new pair of glasses

After that. .

Went to walmart
Got what I needed.
Thanks to dad.


Went home but,  before leaving walmart.
Got a beautiful sunset.


I love it.
Dad wasn’t talking much.
I don’t like it when he like that.

Done for the night



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