(Jan. 11th, 2015) -Day 68

I got up late and didn’t feel like it.
I did anyway.
Mostly cus the wife wanted me up.
I don’t know why I felt the way I did when I got up. I felt like, my whole body was heavy and my eyes were too.
It was like around 11am I think.
Don’t remember.

I did a lot of work even, it was not for a normal person. I don’t know but, I did the dishes like, wash by hand (not easy to stand with just one foot). One time, I cried while I was doing it. I’m not a light person. I wiped the counters, sweep the floor, cleaned the stove burners thingys. That takes a lot of work to do while standing.

People who say that being in a wheelchair is easy. It’s not, I have even lost weight

I went to lay down on the couch to relax and I found my self sleep by, my sweet 11 year old daughter covering with my doctor who blanket. But, before I went to sleep. I had a pb&j. When my princess woke me up. I just went back to sleep and just felt like sec’s my wife was up front of me, rubbing my face and forcing my eyes to open to look at her. Feeling like my eyes making me to close them and I looked at her and she asked me if I wanted something to eat. I said not right now. I’m too tired to be hungry. She told me to let her know so she can order food. I look at the time it’s was 5:30pm. I forced my self up an rubbed my eyes to get rid of the dreadful weight off of my eyes. I just went to the bed and sat up watched a movie while she order food.

Felt better after the long nap.
That’s for today.


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