(Dec. 29, 2014) Day-55

Today was: Not Good

   I was mostly depressed and just wanted to have my day fade away. I couldn’t stand how, I felt. I just wanted to get out so, I could feel better. I have been watching Fringe. I love this show and i upset that, it stopped at season 5. I need to get out. I might go to the computer lab here at red run apartments tomorrow.

I stepped on my left broken foot that, has the broken leg. It turned purple/red. It went away like in 10 mins but, it just hurt and i should be doing 80lbs and i could only do 40lbs in great pain and i press harder to try to get 80lbs but, it really hurt. I am very slacking in my leg work that, I should be doing.

My wonderful wife has helped me a lot today. she mad me 2 cups of coffee and watch fringe. She into it too. Im so happy.


“You can write me comments if you like.”


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