(Dec. 13, 2014) -Day 39

Even it’s only 26 mins in the 39 day after I got hit. I am dealing with being bothered easy and by anything. I ran out of my meds that helped me little with the pain from the broken bones and having the surgery of having a rod placed in my leg bone. My ankle hurts the most and then, my foot so after that, my knee where that got cut.
    My foot is peeling skin from even it was swollen. It’s easier when after I take a got bathon, I can rub it the skin off.
  Anyway, yesterday I was mostly sleeping cus, the pain got me tried and I am taking Oxycodone hcl 5 mg. I used to take 3 pills every four hours but I take only one poll now when I need it. Seem like I be needing it tonight. I feel sharp pain on my ankle.  Where a photo of my leg now. The staples taken out. I am also depressed and hard being depressed.




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