(Nov. 27, 2014) -Day 23

(Thanksgiving Day)

I took a bath yesterday. Wife help me again and I am blessed to have her. I try to keep this short but, i most likely not. we left home and went to Aunt Mina house around 12:30pm. We got a ride their and i loked getting out cus, getting darkness for days even, little sun from a window doesn’t help. I crave for the outside air.
I was shy when, i got there. i felt like i didn’t belong but, in the end. I felt like part of the family and I am happy that, i have a family that, love me.
I had to put my leg up and sleep for a while. Boo came back to check up for me few times. I did feel loved but, I didn’t want to take her from her family. She did it anyway. She so sweet and i love her for that.
I am glad that, I meet all her family and now, my family too. I chat with her brother for a while and it was nice. Also, when we going home. He had to pick me up and that was like OMG, Dont drop me. It was hard to the car with out getting in and out of the wheelchair.
The wife rubbed my foot when, it wasn’t feeling too good and also, it went way down when, i was sleeping.


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