(Nov. 18, 2014) -Week’s: 2 Day’s: 14

( Late At Night)- 12:53am

I am scared about going to the Hospital. I know, it going to be what best but, I don’t want the pain to come and I know its going to hurt more. I can’t eat or drink anything. I hate that cus, i always get dry mouth and I hate it. I need to take a shower soon cus, last time i took a shower was last week and it was hell.

This time its going to be different cus, I am going to take everything off so, i can clean my leg. I need to clean it and it been two weeks since i washed the leg. Well, I am so nervous that, I don’t know what to write and, I want to write what, I am feeling though this. Its going to be hard for me. I will write more later.



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