(Nov. 4, 2014) Day 1 – Hit By Car

Being Hit: 

I was just walking back to the bus stop. I was heading home and chatting with a new friend. ( I know it was wrong to talk on the phone and walk across the street) I waited for the cars to go by me from the left that coming from behind me. Then I looked to the left and saw the cars not moving and started walking and I watch the cars from the right coming in. I got hit out of no where. I saw it all it happen and I saw the color of the Suv. It was silver and then I was the shape of the car then, I was on the street. I was scared. I moved my leg and it was under my butt. it was floppy and wobbly in my hand. The driver asked if, I am ok and I said ya and I was in shock and scared. she acted like she was shocked that, she even hit me. She wasn’t even looking. 

I was looked for my phone and I saw it on the other side of the road broken . I was panicking cus, i wanted to call my wife. That’s all i was thinking. Then a cop showed up and then the people who brings you to the hospital. It was so painful .

In ER:

When, I got to the ER at Northwest. They pulled me in and, I just sat their for a bit and I just cried. They put me in a room number (20) and all i wanted to talk to my wife and they took their time. They put

I did talk to my wife and I was feeling better but, my leg and foot hurt the same. I didn’t feel alone much anymore since, I was speaking with her. Later, they came and told that I need an X ray.

Getting X Ray’s:

When, I got to the X ray room and I was scared. The guy lifted the bad, I was on to the X ray table and I need to pull my self on and he lifted my left leg up and put on. It hurt and It was like 1 hour or 1 hour 30 mins.

He had to put my leg up with my knee facing up. Thats hurt bad cus, I needed to put my foot flat. After that, I need to move to the left side and then the right side. so, they could see the whole leg. That really hurt. I cried during it. Then, the guy who brought me their, brought me back

In ER Room:

I’m back and called boo back. I was in pain with all the movement. I wait for a while then, had to wait for the doctor to come. He came and told me the, I have a broken leg.  Two nurses, came and put my foot and leg cast on. That’s hurt badly, She had to press my foot. I cried the whole time. It lasted like for 10 mins and then they put the rest on and made it too tight for 2 times and the 3rd time.

Dad and Paul showed up and waited for me to be ready to leave. That was like another hour and then, I went home in dad’s car.


My Baby was down stairs ready. She helped me up to the bed. She helped me and made me feel way better on the inside but, my leg/foot hurt still. She baby me and I loved it. She is so sweet.


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